Choosing a car driving school can be a daunting task.

School Cost

Some driving schools offer packages that include a pre-licensing class. A five-hour class costs about $40 to $45. The class is usually a required part of getting a learner’s permit, but you may have to take a separate course to earn your full license.


Some driving schools offer packages that include the pre-licensing class, as well as a road test practice session. These costs vary, but a one-hour road test practice session can cost anywhere from $50 to $150. The best part about these is that it’s an approved course that includes a car rental for the road test.

Additional fees

You may have to pay additional fees for gas, insurance, and other miscellaneous costs. Some driving schools offer discounted online course materials, and some offer a payment plan. Lastly, be sure to ask about refund policy and repeat course options. If the school does not offer these options, then it’s probably not the best choice for you. Also, check for testimonials from past customers.



You may also want to check with your local DMV to see if there are any requirements to obtain a driver's license.


If you are under 18, you may be required to take a driver's education course. You will also have to pay a $75 administrative fee.

final tip

One final tip: make sure the car you are renting is a dual-controlled vehicle. These are rare to find outside of driving schools.


Choosing a driving school that has a good reputation can be difficult. You may have to call several schools to get the information you need. Start by asking about the quality of the website, customer service, and other details. Once you have a list of schools, compare their costs and services to see which one is right for you. Finally, check if the driving school is licensed.


First-Time Driver

If you’re a first-time driver, a driving school may be the best option for you. It’s one of the most affordable ways to learn to drive.

It’s also wise to look for a driving school that offers a guarantee of passing your driving test. Having the assurance of passing your test can be worth the extra money you spend on a more expensive school.


If a driving school has a high reputation, you’ll likely be more satisfied with the lessons. You can also search online for the accrediting body of the driving school.